Great Plains and Rocky Mountains

Here are photos from my recent trip across the western Great Plains of Nebraska into the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

Land of Lincoln

A couple of weeks ago (Jan. 22-25) I was in Springfield, Illinois for training. I forgot my digital camera, so I bought a disposable and I just this evening got the photos back. Here they are.

Kalona, Iowa

I joined Susan and her daughters on an afternoon excursion to nearby Kalona, a town in an area known for its Amish population. We visited a cheese factory and some nice little shops. I tried some cheese curd at the factory: it squeaks in your mouth when you chew it. An Amish grocery store didn’t have electric lights, it had skylights and Coleman-style gas lamps for when it gets dark.

The Ozarks in color

This past weekend I visited Lance in Missouri. He showed me around the Ozark National Scenic Riverways where he worked. The fall colors were thrilling, especially since I neglected the fall foliage peak in Iowa.

Home from New York, back in Mississippi

Back to my quiet, dull life. It’s like I never left.

I spent Saturday afternoon at the MOMA. Man, I could live there. I mean, it has furniture and everything. I also broke out of my sudoku slump, solving a couple of puzzles with my improved system.

Return from refuge

I had a damned good time in Georgia with my friends. If it wasn’t for Hurricane Dennis I might not have had a chance to see them while they were in the US. We sight-saw around Savannah and Charleston. It was a long drive though.

Back to work tomorrow. Hurricane Emily will be traveling a familiar path through the Caribbean this week. It’s going to be a long season.

Louisiana with the folks

My dad downloaded the “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” trailer tonight. Ooh, it’s so dark! It’s going to be such a bummer.

Spent the day in Louisiana with the folks. Visited Chalmette Battlefield, took a boat tour of Bayou Sauvage, and visited Fort Pike. Stopped in Bay Saint Louis for ice cream on the way back.