Arrested development

Checking in on today’s game: I am officially sick of Phil Hughes. He’s in his seventh season and still can barely pitch five innings. He’s never going to develop into the starting pitcher the Yankees hope he can be if they don’t leave him in the game, even when he’s not doing well, and let him learn how to pitch. That’s big gripe I have about the way the Yankees handle their young pitching.

Work at work

The little media dust-up about Yahoo ending telecommuting for its employees perplexed me. First of all, I’m surprised that one company’s telecommuting policy became so newsworthy. Second, I don’t think telecommuting is going anywhere. At any rate, I would not want to work at home. I like going to work. I like keeping work and home separate. I do not want to bring headaches from my job into my home (it happens enough as it is). Fortunately, and despite the increased office work I have nowadays, being a park ranger makes telecommuting a faintly ridiculous option.

Drawbacks of Macs

I used to think life was what happened in between Star Wars movies but now I think it’s what happens in between releases of Sim City. The new Sim City went on sale today for PCs. It will go on sale for Mac sometime this spring. While that does not quite make me regret switching to Mac, it almost does. But not quite.