City Circle Shorts

We saw a bunch of short plays written by local wrights and performed by a local theater group, the City Circle. Seeing something original and creative is fun. Most of the shorts were humorous. The most clever and least humorous was “Four for Prayer”, about four versions of Heloise (of Abelard and Heloise) from different […]

Avenue Q

Last year my Uncle gave me a copy of the soundtrack to Avenue Q, a Broadway musical. He hasn’t seen it yet, and neither have I despite trying to get tickets during my last two trips to New York. The soundtrack is hilarious (and catchy) but I had to see the show. As it happened, […]

Tap City

Back to the stuff I like to write about. My girlfriend scored tickets to “Tap City” a tap-dance show from New York. We went to see it this weekend. A troup of eight dancers performed a variety of solo, duet, and ensemble routines. I’ve never taken such a good look at tap dancing before. It’s […]