On caffeine

A boring day at work, a boring night at home.

Though I stopped at the coffee place for a few minutes, had a coffee and listened to some live R&B. Their espresso machine was broken; it seems this means that not only espressos, but cappucinos, chais, cafe au laits, and hot chocolates were unavailable. So in exasperation I asked for “just regular coffee please.”

I am not a coffee-head, so if I have to drink regular coffee, I’ll take it plain and black, like my women (kidding) (kind of).

I’ve been taking in a fair amount of caffeine lately! I don’t like the way a caffeine buzz feels, but I guess I like feeling awake. Except when I’m trying to sleep, then its a pain. I have no trouble falling asleep on caffeine. It’s staying asleep that’s a problem. I wake up and I can hear my nerves humming and my heart racing. That’s nasty stuff.

Properly amphetimined, I hit the gym for a half hour or so. I have to train for my pack test next month, so I’ve made a return. The complex is stalled on its renovation: only a few lights work, some of the equipment is missing, the electrical fixtures are unfinished, and the remote to the TV is missing. So I have to watch whatever’s on. Tonight, it was Comedy Central. I watched the end of “Crank Yankers,” twisted prank-calls reenacted by puppets, and “Drawn Together,” with archetypal cartoon characters in a reality-show house. I did a lot of laughing in spite of myself.

Wow, I write more on caffeine.

This and that this week.

The last couple of I’ve been spending much of my free time catching up on the millions of little errands I let pile up last fall. I’ve put a fair dent in the list. Today I spent some time talking to a realtor and a mortgage loan officer. I’m still thinking about buying a house.

Financially I’m in a position to handle the purchase, the question is whether I will live here long enough to make it make sense. Or alternatively, if I can a viable absentee landlord. Not sure I want to do that.

Finally I cleaned up my aquarium, which I’ve been minimally attentive to for a few months. The thing was looking very ghetto. Like a place fish wouldn’t want to raise their kids. I even bought a few new fish.

I spoke to L. again Wednesday night. She’s not angry with me any more. I’m glad because it was much too trivial. She started her new job and might be moving to California within a few months. If she does she could stay as long as a year. Good news; I just have to find a way to visit her a lot.

Last night I watched “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” on DVD. Pretty good! I’m something of a Charlie Kaufman fan. I’m reading now that he wrote the TV show “Get a Life”. Does anyone remember that? With Chris Elliott? I thought that was the funniest damned show for a while (I was a teenager). I remember one episode where he tried to bribe a cop with his pocket change. And another where he started an outreach program for inner city youth but couldn’t relate to them at all. Haw.

Play ball!

Ah, it’s baseball playoff season. Bad for my blood pressure, but my favorite time of year! Except I have to watch the games on FOX. Good God, four more weeks of listening to sound effects and Tim Carver’s constant overanalyzing of everything. A ground ball is not a thesis topic, Tim. He takes all the joy out of the game.

Today at work: Holy shit. The local cops were staking out a suspicious couple of campers this morning. As we had no law enforcement officers on duty, I was asked to dispatch one of our maintenance workers to surreptitiously get the tag number from their van while “emptying the trash barrels.” Later in the morning the suspicious woman came to the visitor center to report that she was assaulted yesterday in the park.

Off to Colorado tomorrow! Yee-ha!

LBJ is still president? We are bombing Vietnam?

I could scream. PBS has “The History Channel Disease”: documentaries that refer to the past in the present tense. Robert Kennedy is not campaigning in Oregon, he campaigned in Oregon. Robert Kennedy is dead. I feel a letter coming on.

On a better note, I spoke with Lorena this evening. I may visit Argentina next month, but I don’t know yet.

I worked on the island this weekend, and stayed Saturday night. The fort is as clean as it’s going to get until it dries out completely, and is shut down until the spring.