On skis

The first five winters I spent were pretty cold and icy, so it figures that as soon as my wife and I take an interest in cross-country skiing we’d have two mild winters in a row. We had only our second snowfall on Wednesday and there was enough of it on the ground still that we went skiing on the university’s course today.

A woman watches another skier approach on a cross-country course.
When I say we went cross-country skiing, I mean we walked around with skis on our feet. We stopped to watch this guy pass because he actually knew how to ski.
Clouds over a snowy field make a fish-scale pattern.
I don’t normally take pictures of clouds— I like how they are ephemeral— but these struck me while I was taking a break looking up at the ridge.

Cross-country skiing

A woman in a pink jack in skis on a cross-country track.
Lorena's shows off her new snow clothes.

We wish we had thought to do this earlier: cross-country skiing. One of the local sporting goods stores rents the equipment, and the university has a field just for it. The temperatures have been above freezing the last few days, and reached about 45 degrees Fahrenheit today, but there is still plenty of snow left from the “Blizzard of 2011” (even if it was kind of wet and slippery).