I don’t make New Year resolutions–you could say the last resolution I made and kept was not to make them. There are things I need and want to do, whether I resolve to do them or not. Despite my growing punch list for self-improvement, 2009 was a pretty good year. I married my awesome wife, and I have a new nephew too.

In 2000, I spent New Year’s Eve with my friends Jeremy and Megan in Manhattan. We ate at an Indian restaurant on Curry Row, then went back to Jeremy’s apartment in Brooklyn where we watched some weird cable access show before watching the ball drop in Times Square. I even drew a cartoon about it.

Rough pencil cartoons of a night celebrating the new year.
Adam at the milennium

Stainless steel shelves with assorted pots and pans hanging from it. Also pictured are Evrim's happy-face potholder, the kitchen fan, and a stylish black outlet plate.
Evrim's kitchen complete
For a few years after that my New Year ritual involved attending Evrim’s informal but intimate parties in New Jersey, which also involved helping him shop and clean the apartment to get ready. One year, he still had to install shelves and other fixtures in the kitchen. The good old days.

This year Lore made a nice dinner of beef with mushrooms and potatoes in cream sauce. We watched “Revenge of the Nerds” and then drank wine at midnight. The new good times.


I got in okay last night, not too hung over from Evrim’s vodka milkshakes. The flight out of Atlanta was delayed by two hours, but nothing too bad.

Winter in Mississippi means the frogs calling were last night when I came back to my apartment. There was even a toad waiting for me in front of my building.

New Year’s in New Jersey to singing frogs in Mississippi in 24 hours. I love modern travel.

Edison, NJ

I’m in Edison, NJ this morning. Yesterday I took the LIRR into Manhattan with my uncle to see the refurbished MOMA, only to find it is closed on Tuesdays. We walked up to Lincoln Center instead, had lunch, and visited the old Museum of American Folk Art (now the annex to the new facility in Midtown). After he left, I puttered around at the NY Public Library (the one with the lions- I keep forgetting their names) for a while, then met Megan and Jeremy for beers and an overstuffed burrito dinner in the Village. Then off to Hoboken on the PATH to meet Evrim, who was dining with his friend from college. I hadn’t seen that guy in years.

The Miss List for NYC: I miss the city’s energy, the subways, walking around, plenty to do. I miss good food, good bars, good music, and all my friends who live here.

The Don’t Miss List: I don’t miss the reliably disgusting public bathrooms (like in the bars), or even having to wait until you patronize some business to use one. I don’t miss the LIRR. I don’t miss being surrounded by millions of people, all the time. I don’t miss the noise. The city is far too noisy. It is, after the air and water quality, probably the worst environmental problem there (for me; if you live in some lead-poisoned slum, that is your biggest environmental problem).