Impending news

I have some good news which I will post here later when I can say for sure.

What nice weather followed the awful storm we had! I rode my bicycle into town and actually stopped by work for some reason (to check messages that didn’t need to be checked). I went swimming this evening at the pool. I’m practicing to be the world’s slowest swimmer. Even the fat guy in the weenie-wrapper was smoking me.

Oh, I rented “Sideways” (pun not intended). I liked it. The wine stuff was interesting. There’s also this one scene where this naked guy is chasing Paul Giamatti as he races back to his car. I swear the camera shot was right out of another movie, perhaps “Jaws” (the naked guy being the shark or whatever).

Dead Sea scrolls

The Dead Sea scrolls are on display in Mobile so we went to see them. The exhibit didn’t fit well into the small exhibit room at the Exploreum museum. It felt a little disorganized, but I’ll file this under “something to do because it’s there and you may never be able to do it again.”

Less impressive was “Hostage” which we saw this afternoon. I like Bruce Willis, and if you like him too you might as well go to see it.

Louisiana with the folks

My dad downloaded the “Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith” trailer tonight. Ooh, it’s so dark! It’s going to be such a bummer.

Spent the day in Louisiana with the folks. Visited Chalmette Battlefield, took a boat tour of Bayou Sauvage, and visited Fort Pike. Stopped in Bay Saint Louis for ice cream on the way back.

Yak, yak, yak

Hilary Swank: Yak, yak, yak.
Clint Eastwood: Yak, yak, yak.

If I had someone to thank, I’d thank them in person.

Jamie Foxx’s speech was very sincere and very nice though. Chris Rock was being Chris Rock; don’t bring him back next year. Johnny Depp looked like a freak. I would pay money to see Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz together in evening gowns again.

And why on Earth was the girl from “Maria Full of Grace” nominated for best actress? I just saw that film, she did nothing for me. She gets pregnant, swallows ten pounds of cocaine, and dethorns flowers all with the same look on her face. It was a stupid movie anyway.

Well, now I have a new bunch of movies I have to see. What is “Vera Drake?”

Another dull weekend

Every time I want to ride my bicycle it has a flat tire. It’s from riding on the garbage-strewn grass shoulder on the road into town. And the stupid pistons on my tailgate are shot, so I can’t throw the bike in the car to bring into the shop. Well, first things first. Maybe I’ll fix the tire myself, though last time I tried it realigning the brakes was distinctly tedious.

This morning I visited the tax preparer. I’ve always done it myself, and I believe I will return to doing it myself next year. I went this year because I thought I’d try it and because I had some tax questions. On balance, it wasn’t worth the money.

This weekend I rented “Edward Scissorhands” (that’s right, I’ve never seen it) and “Anchorman”. “Edward Scissorhands” was typical pointless Tim Burton bullshit. I can’t stand his movies, and if I’d remembered it was his I’d have saved my money. “Anchorman” was a lot funner than I expected. There are tons of deleted scenes on the DVD. How long were they going to make it?

Looking forward to another understimulating week of work. I think I’ll go hiking next weekend.

This Week in…

Let’s see, been slacking on entries this week. Trying to remotivate myself at work, need to hit the gym again after renewed effort last week, spoke to L., heard from an old friend, talked to the ARC about volunteering, spent too much of my days off sleeping, finally got rid of that goddamned bookshelf, argued with my brother about Iraq, rented “Door to Door” and “A Day Without a Mexican”.

This and that this week.

The last couple of I’ve been spending much of my free time catching up on the millions of little errands I let pile up last fall. I’ve put a fair dent in the list. Today I spent some time talking to a realtor and a mortgage loan officer. I’m still thinking about buying a house.

Financially I’m in a position to handle the purchase, the question is whether I will live here long enough to make it make sense. Or alternatively, if I can a viable absentee landlord. Not sure I want to do that.

Finally I cleaned up my aquarium, which I’ve been minimally attentive to for a few months. The thing was looking very ghetto. Like a place fish wouldn’t want to raise their kids. I even bought a few new fish.

I spoke to L. again Wednesday night. She’s not angry with me any more. I’m glad because it was much too trivial. She started her new job and might be moving to California within a few months. If she does she could stay as long as a year. Good news; I just have to find a way to visit her a lot.

Last night I watched “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” on DVD. Pretty good! I’m something of a Charlie Kaufman fan. I’m reading now that he wrote the TV show “Get a Life”. Does anyone remember that? With Chris Elliott? I thought that was the funniest damned show for a while (I was a teenager). I remember one episode where he tried to bribe a cop with his pocket change. And another where he started an outreach program for inner city youth but couldn’t relate to them at all. Haw.

Frederick, Colorado

It snowed all day. I picked up my rental car this evening. Tomorrow morning I’m getting this trip underway come hell or high water. If I can’t cross the mountains I’ll stay the night somewhere, but my friends father who lives in western Colorado says the passes are passable.

We spent the day at a local mall. After I bought a gift for my mom we saw “The Incredibles,” a very good movie.

Soon I’ll vote Republican too!

I took a nice bike ride into town to have a burger and to meet with Billie the Gregarious Realtor. She was hilarious. She likes to be a matchmaker on the side and she started asking me all these questions like “what do you do in your free time?” and “what kinds of girls do you like?” The Metternich in me wonders what her motives are. Anyway, I’m considering buying a house. Considering. A small house.

Watched “Supersize Me” on DVD. Pretty good. I wonder how much he was exaggerating his symptoms.

Had a drink and threw some darts. I’m the Ryne Duren (Ricky Vaughn to my contemporaries) of darts: I have to throw them a lot to warm up. Until then, I’m all over the place.

Wish I had that sort of focus when I was a teenager

I just got back from the Ocean Springs Film Fest, where I saw a screening of the “Raiders of the Lost Ark” underground amateur adaptation. Back in the 1980s, three local teenagers recreated the movie shot by shot right here in town. It was almost unbelievable how well they did it. The filmmakers had a little Q&A after the screening.

A day off

Today I ran some errands. “Fast Food Nation” is returned to the library and now “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation!” is under my stewardship. I didn’t get a chance to clean out the aquarium pump, which is getting very noisy, goddammit.

I saw “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” complete with its art deco CGI set and props. It has an exceptionally dull plot that demeans the visual coolness.

No word on working overtime tomorrow, so I guess I’m off. There was talk of me helping to take one of our boats to the Florida district tomorrow, and perhaps staying out there for a couple of weeks. Would’ve been fun, I think.

Ouch. Moving hurts.

Continued cleaning up the park today. I am more bruised, lacerated, dirty, sore, and tired than I have been at work in a long time. In fact, the last time I worked this hard was on fire detail last September. Yikes. I need to hit the gym more often.

My coworker put a song into my head and I can’t get it out.

Watched “The Lion in Winter” last night. It is very long and I haven’t finished it. I may not bother.

Waiting for Sylvia Plath to kill herself

Finally got out to the island today. The fort is a mess. Lots of mud. There are fish living in there now. Some of last week’s plantings survived.

Anyone who’s curious about how the park is dealing with the hurricane can check the NPS Morning Report.

Watched “Sylvia” on DVD. Not too bad, very slow, kinda boring and depressing. Really just waiting for Sylvia Plath to kill herself.

Keep putting off calling the girlfriend. Everybody has different advice.