Good feeling

Gulf Islands forwarded a nice letter to me from a man who had read my article about the barrier islands after Hurricane Katrina. He worked there a long time ago and remembers it fondly. I’m pleased that he actually took the time to write to me.

Get back to work

A cross-section of post-Katrina tourists came through the visitor center today. Today’s attendance included a trickle of out of town visitors not involved in any relief efforts. At Mammoth Cave I enjoyed not having to satisfy people’s curiosity. I find myself answering questions about the destruction with as few words as possible. These people are […]

Search and rescue

I notice today for the first time a search-and-rescue mark on my door. When I open the door I usually have my head down looking at the key, so I never saw it. Today I just happened to be admiring the hurricane shmutz still adorning the building exterior. It’s not a proper SAR mark-in an […]

Apartment drama

The apartment complex management held a meeting for the tenants last night with their insurance rep. They decided the entire complex needs to be rehabilitated and we’re all going to have to move within the next few months. The plan (a very loose plan with no real specifics) is to shuffle us around as they […]

Cat Island

I went with another ranger to check out Cat Island, the forgotten island of our park’s collection. The handful of homes on the island’s private property were destroyed as was our little storage shed. I got a chance to operate our 32-foot Boston Whaler, which was good practice. I haven’t piloted a boat in over […]