Our visit to Tippecanoe Battlefield

We made a quick stop at Tippecanoe Battlefield near Lafayette, Indiana. There was a museum we didn’t have time for this visit, and the battlefield included an obelisk monument with a statue of William Henry Harrison. A wrought-iron fence enclosed the battlefield. The gate was unlocked, and we could go in and out. More mysterious were the steps that led up an over the fence. We had a good laugh at it, and even made a video.


My brother looked it up later, and the steps are called a “stile,” as in “turnstile”— something that allows passage while maintaining the barrier. It’s purpose at this battlefield is still a mystery, though.

Crappy Hollow Park

Here’s a description of Crappy Hollow Park:

Crappy Hollow Park is a malevolent pit of despair cored out of the stenchiest, most noxious part of the county landfill. There are plenty of jagged metal edges to harm your children. The park has over 470 varieties of pestilence-carrying flies to contaminate your potato salad. Founded last Thursday during an excavation of some illegally discarded x-ray machines and the remains of a missing hobo, Crappy Hollow Park is pain and suffering for the whole family.

I think I’ll go to Happy Hollow Park instead.