Avenue Q

Last year my Uncle gave me a copy of the soundtrack to Avenue Q, a Broadway musical. He hasn’t seen it yet, and neither have I despite trying to get tickets during my last two trips to New York. The soundtrack is hilarious (and catchy) but I had to see the show. As it happened, the traveling show came to Des Moines this week.

It’s like a demented adult Sesame Street where puppets and people mingle in a New York neighborhood, except Bert and Ernie are odd couple Rod and Nicky with repressed homosexual issues. There’s a Trekkie Monster and sarcastic former child star Gary Coleman (played by a woman–he has not personally starred in any version of the show that I’m aware of) is the landlord. Gary sings the delightful and ironic number “Schadenfreude”.

The puppeteers are on stage in full view of the audience, and despite their dark stage clothes enrich the puppets with their body language, facial expressions, and dancing. It was very well staged. Not only that, but everyone had great voices. We had a great time, and if it plays near you, it is worth driving a couple of hours to see.

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