For today’s adventure we drove up to Backbone State Park near Strawberry Point.

Backbone is a limestone gorge with a lake. Some of the scenery was pretty but it was not altogether impressive. The trails were not maintained or marked well nor were they challenging, the road signs were poor, the pit toilets were disgusting, and there weren’t any interpretive signs. The drive up was a bit more exciting and we saw another cool county courthouse in Manchester.

After an afternoon of hiking we drove down to the Amanas. We took a spin through the different villages and ate at one of the German restaurants in Main Amana. I had a nice chicken schnitzel, which was a breaded chicken cutlet with potatoes, gravy, corn, cole slaw, cottage cheese, and sauerkraut. Not a green vegetable as far as the eye could see.

Now we’re home. I am tired and I’ll have a long day tomorrow. We’ll be getting up early so Ava can get to the airport, then I’m off to work.

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  1. Curious as too what a ranger’s opinion would be for the perfect state park?? As I guess Iowa State parks don’t live up to your expectations…

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