Go to sleep!

And now I cannot sleep. As of last night I was mostly over the cold I had. I went to bed early and started at the ceiling for about four hours, slept for an hour or less, stared at the ceiling for a couple more hours, and so forth. Once it gets to be about two or three o’clock I start thinking, “If I don’t get some sleep now I won’t until tomorrow night!” I got less than three hours of sleep by the time my alarm went off. I called in sick hoping I could make up the sleep this morning and go to work in the afternoon. So far it hasn’t worked and I am very tired.

You’d think after fighting a bad cold for four days my body would be ready for a good night’s sleep. I didn’t take any medicine last night. I wasn’t thinking about work or anything stressful. It’s very perplexing. Maybe I’m going nuts.

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