Frederick, Colorado

It snowed all day. I picked up my rental car this evening. Tomorrow morning I’m getting this trip underway come hell or high water. If I can’t cross the mountains I’ll stay the night somewhere, but my friends father who lives in western Colorado says the passes are passable.

We spent the day at a local mall. After I bought a gift for my mom we saw “The Incredibles,” a very good movie.

The solution to everything, in 300 words or less

Lorena called me yesterday, crying. We talked for about two hours. I really miss her. This is painful.

On a lighter note, I’m reading the leaflet the cute Jesus girl gave me the other day. It was printed by the simply-named Jesus Christ Baptist Church. According this leaflet, nakedness is a sin! Do they bathe? Do churchgoers endure a collective and pervasive reek every Sunday? I wonder!

But there is some interesting stuff here: good works, water baptism, speaking in tongues, joining a church, being confirmed, shouting, passing out, seeing visions, or giving to charity cannot save me from hell. All I have to do is “sincerely admit that I am a hell-bound sinner, accept the blood of Jesus Christ and be saved from today and forever more!”

It’s that easy? Can I live a lying, stealing, fornicating, philandering, dishonest, naked, homosexual performer of abortions who listens to Jimi Hendrix (a “few examples of sin”), then- out of fear of eternal torment- repent at the very end? Do you think I can time it just right?

I admit this is all very attractive in its simplicity.

Soon I’ll vote Republican too!

I took a nice bike ride into town to have a burger and to meet with Billie the Gregarious Realtor. She was hilarious. She likes to be a matchmaker on the side and she started asking me all these questions like “what do you do in your free time?” and “what kinds of girls do you like?” The Metternich in me wonders what her motives are. Anyway, I’m considering buying a house. Considering. A small house.

Watched “Supersize Me” on DVD. Pretty good. I wonder how much he was exaggerating his symptoms.

Had a drink and threw some darts. I’m the Ryne Duren (Ricky Vaughn to my contemporaries) of darts: I have to throw them a lot to warm up. Until then, I’m all over the place.

Jesus is coming very very soon…

It makes me shudder. A basic truth that I’ve lived with my entire life ended tonight: that the Boston Red Sox are and will always be second-place also-rans. I’ve always believed that the true curse of the Red Sox was that their fans believed in it, and when they stopped believing in the curse it would end. I was wrong: they’ve been more superstitious than usual this year.

Oddly enough, an eclipse of the moon as well. Then again, an eclipse of the moon is a mathematical inevitablity…

Can’t wait for spring training!

LBJ is still president? We are bombing Vietnam?

I could scream. PBS has “The History Channel Disease”: documentaries that refer to the past in the present tense. Robert Kennedy is not campaigning in Oregon, he campaigned in Oregon. Robert Kennedy is dead. I feel a letter coming on.

On a better note, I spoke with Lorena this evening. I may visit Argentina next month, but I don’t know yet.

I worked on the island this weekend, and stayed Saturday night. The fort is as clean as it’s going to get until it dries out completely, and is shut down until the spring.

Eats comma shoots comma and leaves

This evening I finished reading “Eats, Shoots and Leaves.” It is a book about proper punctuation. Very droll and very British. I am thinking about becoming a stickler. (Shouldn’t it be “Eat, Shoots, and Leaves?”- or should I type: shouldn’t it be “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves”? Aargh…).

Going kayaking tomorrow morning. No punctuation out on the bayou, I hope.

A day off

Today I ran some errands. “Fast Food Nation” is returned to the library and now “Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation!” is under my stewardship. I didn’t get a chance to clean out the aquarium pump, which is getting very noisy, goddammit.

I saw “Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow,” complete with its art deco CGI set and props. It has an exceptionally dull plot that demeans the visual coolness.

No word on working overtime tomorrow, so I guess I’m off. There was talk of me helping to take one of our boats to the Florida district tomorrow, and perhaps staying out there for a couple of weeks. Would’ve been fun, I think.

Ouch. Moving hurts.

Continued cleaning up the park today. I am more bruised, lacerated, dirty, sore, and tired than I have been at work in a long time. In fact, the last time I worked this hard was on fire detail last September. Yikes. I need to hit the gym more often.

My coworker put a song into my head and I can’t get it out.

Watched “The Lion in Winter” last night. It is very long and I haven’t finished it. I may not bother.

Waiting for Sylvia Plath to kill herself

Finally got out to the island today. The fort is a mess. Lots of mud. There are fish living in there now. Some of last week’s plantings survived.

Anyone who’s curious about how the park is dealing with the hurricane can check the NPS Morning Report.

Watched “Sylvia” on DVD. Not too bad, very slow, kinda boring and depressing. Really just waiting for Sylvia Plath to kill herself.

Keep putting off calling the girlfriend. Everybody has different advice.


It’s hot here again. Spent my day off running errands. I bought another watermelon, too.

I slept in for the first time all summer (10 AM is sleeping in for me; the day’s half over at noon, right?). I’ve not been sleeping much at night, then crashing for a couple of hours when I get home. Which means I’m up in the middle of the night when there’s nothing to do.

Read “Angels and Demons,” by Dan Brown. He’s the guy who wrote “The Da Vinci Code.” Found it entertaining, and not much more. I don’t read a lot of fiction (my last book was “The 9/11 Commission Report;” woo-ha!), and it takes more than a lot of cliches to impress me. One of the characters actually said, “So we meet again.” Unbe-freaking-lievable. Next up, “Fast Food Nation.” Maybe “The Da Vinci Code” another time.

Now to decide what to do tomorrow.