New style

As you can see, I’ve been monkeying around with a new “prairie” theme to the website. The seashore theme was boring me. It was a little too monochromatic. I happened to have a good picture of prairie flowers with colors I liked, so I went with it. Hope you like it.

Photos added

I added the pictures from West Branch to a recent post. Since I’ve upgraded WordPress, I’ve found that they finally added a good photo gallery tool. I’ll be working on retrofitting the old galleries once again.


There’s something wrong with my photo album plug-in, again. I think it has something to do with the host company upgrading the server software. Anyway, it’s going to slow down my posting of new photos. I will correct it as soon as I can.

Creative writing may resume

The Right brain (creative writing and artwork) section of my website has gone dormant. I’m toying around with posting installments of a short story I’ve been writing on and off over the last couple of years. My creative endeavors is often run out of steam before I finish them. The product never resembles the idea […]

Right brain

I’ve moved my poems, short stories, and other creative works to the Right brain category. I want this site’s content to be driven by the blog posts (the blog functions as a database) rather than static pages. If you are looking for something, use the search function in the sidebar menu. Artwork and some other […]

New home for my blog

Well it took me half a day yesterday to get this set up here. LiveJournal doesn’t let you export the whole blog at once; you have to do it month by month. My short term goal here is to have the journal ready for when I move to Iowa; I should be able to update […]