Red on red

The World Series starts tomorrow. The American League Championship Series put me in the unwanted position of rooting for the Detroit Tigers, simply because they were playing the Boston Red Sox. I don’t care for these Tigers, they are out of shape and not athletic. One guy is actually obese. A lot those fat guys can hit, though. I watched Miguel Cabrera jog around third base in one game, ignore his third base coach’s signal to stop, and then get thrown out by ten feet at home plate. He didn’t even slide. But he’s a great hitter, so he’s basically a golfer.

With the Red Sox in the World Series, though, I’ll have no problem rooting for the Saint Louis Cardinals.

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  1. Interesting. I’m tending to agree with him. I saw an outfielder spit a mouthful of sunflower seed shells en route to a fly ball.

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