Two warblers

I’m trying to remember when I’ve seen more miserable weather in May. Maybe those overly hot spring days in Mississippi. But we’ve gone from fine bicycling weather earlier this week to 40s and all-day rain. It will 90 degrees F in a week.

In the midst of yesterday’s unpleasant downpour, I led my group of fourth graders into the blacksmith shop as part of their tour.┬áThere, just inside the entrance was a dying bird. A little tiny one, probably a chestnut-sided warbler according to Roger Tory Peterson.

“That dying little bird,” I thought, “is going to be a distraction to me, these kids, and everybody who walks in this morning.” So I moved it off out of sight. It was pretty sad.

If I had to guess, the chestnut-sided warbler migrated up to Iowa on its way to wherever and got caught in the cold, took refuge shivering in the rafters, and then keeled over onto the dusty shop floor. Anyway, this weather’s a mess; a phenological disaster in the making.

Then again, in the afternoon as I got into my car to go home, I saw a black-and-white warbler spryly attacking the trunk of a tree in the parking lot. I’ve never seen two interesting warblers with so little effort.

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6 thoughts on “Two warblers”

  1. Nicely written Adam. I suppose that shows survival of the fit. Moving the bird surely showed the young people you were guiding how to be compassionate on a different level. It sure was a learning experience for all!

  2. Hi, Adam! Finally able to open your links on facebook. What a good ranger you are – I would have been distracted by the poor bird and probably have gone off subject :)

  3. Hi Adam. New Jersey is probably having the best spring ever! Everything is beautiful! UNLESS YOU ARE A BIRD WATCHER!!!! I live in a really prime bird watching location and I can honestly say I have seen more famous bird watchers than warblers. It is a sad state of affairs when you see large groups of birders getting excited about a Towhee or a Mocking Bird. Word here is that all of the birds are migrating through Ohio this year. It is better to believe that than to think that we have destroyed so much habitat that the birds are gone.

  4. Nancy, it definitely would have turned into a dying bird tour. Nothing to do with Herbert Hoover. Thanks for commenting. Glad the site is working for you again. I was having server problems for a while.

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