Gruff flight attendants

American Airline’s flight attendants are a gruff bunch. Whenever I see ads for Asian carriers (Singapore Airlines stands out in my mind) they always make their flight attendants look practically like geishas. Not here in the U.S., though. I don’t know what their schedule or work conditions are like, but on my flight from Dallas to Santiago last week they seemed a little punchy (though they were definitely yukking it up in the back during their down time). A disgruntled passenger with a complaint about the cabin temperature called one of them “old, ugly, and mean.” She gave it right back to him.

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2 replies on “Gruff flight attendants”

  1. There is no way I would have the nerve to say anything out of the ordinary to a flight attendant for fear that I would be hauled off the plane and sent to prison. I don’t care if they are old ugly and mean I would just be a very nice guy, certainly out of my regular character though.

  2. The last time we flew American from Santiago to Dallas, a passenger had taken an pillow out of one of the compartments on his own (or something like that). The flight attendant told him to return it. The passenger made a show of coughing all over it before handing it back. It was disgusting. The flight attendant was livid. Some security officials accompanied the attendant back to give the guy a stern talking-to and a warning, but that was about it. I thought when we arrived in Dallas, he’d be hauled off to Guantanamo but he made it off the plane and through passport control without any fuss. Anyway, no wonder the attendants get cranky.

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