Unanswered sneezes

Why sneezes can’t pass without comment, as other involuntary expulsions of air manage to do, is beyond me. But I habitually observe the niceties even though I’ve never been comfortable with them.

I was raised to say, “God bless you” but since I doubt God has anything to do with sneezes or their remedies, I don’t say it anymore. For a while I would say “Gezundheit!” a puzzling invocation of German (a British friend took me to task for that once). Since marrying an Argentinian, I’ve been saying, “Salud!” though it’s not always understood by English speakers. I like it┬ábecause you can say, “Dinero!” and, “Amor!” for the second and third sneezes respectively.

In trying to invent a suitable sneeze pleasantry I came up with one so universally offensive that from now on if you sneeze and I don’t say anything, it’s because I’m refraining from saying “Sneezus Christ!”

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2 replies on “Unanswered sneezes”

  1. Oh Adam! You know sometimes when you’re at a meeting or in a roomful of people and someone in the back of the room sneezes the speaker may trip over him or herself to say God bless you. I’ve got to be honest I think that is just so uncalled for. Let the poor person sneeze and just go on and let it go un answered. I personally, saying nothing at all.

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