Styling tweaks

I was getting a little tired of the plain look for this website so I’ve added the banner photos back into the header. Now that my photos are better organized on my computer I realize that I had plenty of nice ones that were getting forgotten about. They are set to display randomly on most of the pages for now. I added a lot, like a couple of hundred. If any of them look really bad please let me know.

I’ve also changed the typefaces to Verdana and Georgia, not the most attractive fonts but very readable. Verdana may be overused as a main body typeface but it’s bold and sturdy for headers, labels and other short strings of text. We’ll try it out for a while.

I also rearranged the site title and navigation menu so that the banner photos would cooperate better with WordPress’s default parent theme. I did away with trying to display the excerpts of the “short form” posts in the sidebar of the home page. They will display the post titles again and you will have to follow the link for the rest of the post.

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6 replies on “Styling tweaks”

  1. Ditto on liking the photo banner. You have a lot of great pictures that are popping up. Just saw one of That’s Rentertainment–took me a few moments to recall that iteration of that building. I guess it is particularly forgettable as a bank now.

  2. The alternating banner photo was the first thing I noticed when I visited again recently. Is that difficult to set up? I have a banner photo on mine as well, but like the idea of the image changing…and I have plenty of photos!

  3. If you upgrade to the Twenty Eleven WordPress theme you definitely can set the banner images to display randomly. I’m not sure if you do that with Twenty Ten, which is what you are using; but if you go to Appearance > Header in your Dashboard you can check the settings.

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