Cedar Rapids (the movie)

We’ve heard a lot of good things about “The King’s Speech”. It got great reviews, my friend recommended it to me, plus it won all those awards. So naturally we went to see “Cedar Rapids” tonight.

I admit I just wanted to see it out of curiosity, and to see what it made out of our local metropolis. “Cedar Rapids” is showing on two screens at our sleepy neighborhood multiplex (“The King’s Speech” on just one, sorry). The theater was about as close to full as I’ve ever seen it and the audience was—dare I say—excited.

Maybe the buoyant crowd offered some synergy, but it turns out “Cedar Rapids” is a lot of fun. The main character is so naive and unworldly that at first he’s almost not funny. Then John C. Reilly bursts on the scene and gives him an excuse to color outside the lines. Reilly’s made a name for himself in comic roles, but he is a very good actor.

Anyone who has ever gone to an out-of-town conference for a few days and had a good time with some new friends can appreciate “Cedar Rapids” (though I’ve never had quite that much excitement). And the performers got the precariously repressed demeanor of Midwesterners right enough that they weren’t too far into the territory of the “Hollywood Midwest”.

I say make another. How about “King of Iowa City”, about a drug lord building his empire right here in the UNESCO City of Literature? Maybe I’ll write it if somebody dares me.

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