Snack bus theme

Instead of writing I’ve been updating the site’s appearance. The solemn “Capuchinos” theme is no more.

Screen capture of website based on soft colors of stone cathedral columns.
The Capuchinos themes was based on a church I like in Argentina.

The new theme, “Snack Bus” is based on my photo from Maui. I like it because it is cheerful and has lots of colors to play with. I still have a punch-list of corrections to make but most of basic changes are out of the way.

One of the bigger functional changes I want to make is uncluttering the sidebar by making the menus collapsible. This will allow me to add more menu choices without forcing the reader to scroll all the way down. I also hope to incorporate the content from my remaining static pages (“About” and “Contact”) into the sidebar somehow, and eliminate the site map.

I’ve also given up on a photo gallery page for now. WordPress just isn’t cut out for it. Follow the “Photos” tag to find posts with photographs.

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2 replies on “Snack bus theme”

  1. Hmmm, snack bus, just is not what I think of when I think of you. Maybe a changing photo of what is going on might be better suited. Reconsider…and add photos when possible!

  2. Sorry you don’t like it. The snack bus is a picture I won a prize for; I’ve linked it from the text above. The colors of the website are based on the photo in the header. It would be difficult to match the rest of the website to a changing photo. However the content of the website changes with every new blog entry, and I add pictures when I can.

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