Cosas nuestras

After another lunch with her family, Lore and I went shopping to bring home some essential Argentinian goodies:

  • Dulce de leche (milk caramel)
  • Fernet (a strong spirit to be mixed with Coca Cola)
  • Dulce de membrillo (a kind of hard jelly made from quince)
  • Yerba (a South American herbal tea)

And, her grandmother bought a few boxes of alfajores (soft sandwich cookies) for us. Lore’s friends gave us a new glass mate for drinking the yerba, along with tins to store the yerba and the sugar, and a tray to serve them on.

Lore also bought a load of Argentinian music CDs earlier this week; mostly albums (like electronic tango) she can’t find in the U.S.

Lore’s mother gave me some identification guides to Argentinian wildlife. She thought I might like them after a conversation we had about owls. These guides are very cool. I will bring them with me next time.

Santiago gave me a small book, ┬íChe Boludo! A Gringo’s Guide to Understanding the Argentines. It’s a glossary of Argentinian slang. I’m looking forward to reading it later. Oddly enough, Lore’s family and friends keep complimenting me on my Spanish. I think they are being polite because conversing with me in Spanish must be like talking with an especially dim-witted caveman.

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