The Ed “Cookie” Burns effect

Google Analytics revealed something surprising to me. The most visited post on this website last month was a hasty, mistake-ridden entry from four years ago. The title of my one-sentence commentary on the execution of Stanley Tookie Williams played on his name by mentioning Edd “Kookie” Byrnes. Among other mistakes I incorrectly spelled Byrnes’ name as Ed “Cookie” Burns. Whenever someone searches for the term “ed cookie burns” in Google, that post is the top result. For some reason, November 8, 2009 was a high water mark for visits from people searching for “ed cookie burns”.

While it’s nice to come out on top of at least one Google search, that poorly-written blurb is not the gateway through which I want to welcome readers to my site. I have corrected the errors, and now the searchers of “ed cookie burns” may become acquainted with my blog through this awful bit of meta-commentary. Enjoy.

Turkey empanadas

Empanada is Spanish for “little bundle of deliciousness”. With a pound of leftover turkey meat and some slightly stale crusts of a leading Argentinian brand found in a Hispanic grocery, Lore whipped up an impressive batch of turkey empanadas. From now on I want to take all my meals in empanada form.

Three empanadasa on a plate next to a mug and bowl.
Three empanadasa on a plate next to a mug and bowl.

The packages of empanada crusts we bought featured a blackface cartoon character in the logo. Lore explained that some of Argentina’s cuisine originated with black domestic slaves, who are often portrayed this way. Argentinians don’t think of it as offensive, but it was very shocking to a progressive white American like me.