A glass of passionfruit-orange-guava juice with a straw.
A glass of POG
We got to Lahaina for an excellent late lunch at Aloha Mixed Plate where I tried poi (mashed taro root which doesn’t have much flavor) and lau lau (salt pork steam in taro leaves which does). Of course I ordered Pass-O-Guava. The waiter told me to just call it “POG”.

Lahaina is a standard tourist town with overpriced souvenirs. There is a historic area we didn’t get to explore much and which seems like it’s drowning in tourist schlock. I tried the exalted Hawaiian shave ice (I asked for mango, passion, and pineapple flavoring which the kid seemed to approve of) but it was not so good. It was clumpy ice drowned in flavored corn syrup that collected in the bottom of the bowl. It had nothing on Italian ices from Staten Island. I’d like to give it a second chance if I can because I’ve heard it’s good here.

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