So far we really like Maui.

A headland rises over a bay of deep blue water.
Kahakuloa Head

After a breakfast stop in Wailuku, the pleasantly untouristed county seat, we drove up the Kahekili Highway in search of the Olivine Baths. The Kaheliki Highway is the coastal road around the northeastern part of West Maui. We bought some fresh cut pineapple from a Hawaiian guy who was a good salesman, and we ate it at a pull-off overlooking the village, bay, and headlands of Kahakuloa. The hairpin turns along one-lane mountain roads got a little tiresome but the drive was worth this scenery.

The drive was also worth it for the olivine baths, natural ocean pools accessible– against the formal wishes of a “Do Not Go Beyond This Point” sign– after a climb down the cliff to the lava rock beach. We found a deep pool high on the ledge above the open ocean where we could watch the waves. Tide pools, of course, are a naturalist’s delight: inside were various rock fish, crabs, snails, anemones, and urchins.

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