The weather in Honolulu is balmy. The sun goes in and out of clouds but the breezes are what make it pleasant.

Beachgoers crowd onto a city beach with palm trees, umbrellas, and rock jetties.
Waikiki Beach
I was spoiled by nice public beaches as a kid so I found Waikiki’s central beaches narrow and crowded. This morning we picked out a spot of people with lots of Japanese tourists. They like to carry inflatable floaty things into the water with them. Between them and the surfers there are a lot of flotation aids in the water. As the morning went on the crowd of surfers out around the breakers grew until it looked like a flock of sea birds.

I never understood people’s attachment to surfboards and body boards. Our bodies can float in sea water and if you get a good wave you can ride it without skill or expense. However, the water nearest the beach was calm and the waves were too wimpy to ride. The surfers were much farther out to catch the waves.

The water here is warm and clear. I could stay in it all day. I certainly can see the attraction to this place.

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