Trying another photo gallery plug-in

I’ve been trying out NextGen Gallery, a WordPress photo gallery plug-in. You can see a couple of test galleries on the Photos page.
Though it has improved much over the last several upgrades, WordPress’s ability to organize and display photo albums is still limited.

NextGen Gallery has some good features and a lot of potential, except for me it has two problems. It can import the photos I’ve already uploaded but not the titles and descriptions or any other data already entered into my database. So I’d have to re-enter all that for the 800 of so photos I have posted here. I’ve done that a couple of times now as I’ve tried different plugins and I don’t want to do it again. The other problem with plug-ins is that they’re not supported by newer versions of WordPress, so I could be out of luck later if the author stops supporting it. As it is NextGen Gallery’s documentation is pretty sparse. I’ve had to learn it on it my own (which was good because I’ve discovered it’s limitations too).

I’ll keep messing around with it, and hope WordPress comes up with something better.

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