More tweaks

Though I’ve separated the home page from the blog, the blog is still the main feature. I need something on the home page that will lead into the blog, so I’ve moved the latest excerpt up to the top and linked it to both the blog and the latest post.

The big photo of me on the home page, as Lore put it, puts me and what I like right in front. Something bothered me about it. It was just stuck there like a big obstacle, so I moved it down and will use it to lead into my new Photos page, which is still under construction but I’m concocting a way to display all of my photos there. WordPress is primarily a writing program and is a little slow to develop its multimedia features, so I will have to either monkey around with the existing functions or write some of my own.

I also simplified the sidebar menu (now completely “widgetized”, or automated), and moved the calendar and the archives, categories, and tags menus onto the blog pages. I hope they don’t get in the way, but I don’t like it when the sidebar gets too long with options.

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