Brainstorming for titles

I’m trying to come up with a better name for the Virtual Adam category of this blog. The name made a little more sense in the pre-blogging days of Adam’s artificial habitat, but now isn’t everything here virtual Adam?

I’m toying around with variations of my new favorite vocabulary word “quotidian” (it means “everyday” or “ordinary”). I like this derivation: Quotidiana. It is already in use as a title by a couple of websites, though. I also stumbled upon the term glossa ordinaria, which refers to a medieval commentary on academic lectures. I like the way it sounds but in literal terms wouldn’t that be more appropriate for the Adam Says category (another one I’d like to re-name)?

I thought the titles for the sections of my original site were pretty clever, like Right Brain and Virtual Adam, but they don’t fit the blog format. For that matter, bloggers are favoring the more informal tags, which function more like keywords, over formal blog categories. I’ve already converted my subcategories to tags, and kept only the broadest categories.

Using Latin feels a little pretentious, especially since I don’t speak it. I could play off my glaciological domain name and name the categories things like esker, drumlin, and roche moutonnĂ©e, but that’s getting way too esoteric.

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