I finally got around to watching “Sicko”, Michael Moore’s most recent film. It was good. I liked it. I consider myself a Michael Moore fan (I still miss “TV Nation”) I don’t always agree with him or believe everything he says but he’s brilliant at making his point. Like taking some 9/11 rescue workers to […]

Iowa noir

For all its middle-American normality, Iowa City . Earlier this year a banker accused of embezzlement went berserk and murdered his whole family, then tried to kill himself a variety of ways before crashing into a signpost at high speed on I-80. This week, a university professor accused of misconduct disappeared and offed himself in […]

August harvest

I almost overdid it at the farmers’ market this morning. I’ve been dying to buy some melons, since they are in season and are grown nearby. The trick was finding a couple small enough the carry on my bicycle. But even two small melons fill up a lot of basket space. And sweet corn– that […]

Boycott Beijing

I want to have nothing to do with the “second Berlin games”. Our participation does nothing but lend legitimacy to a crooked and repressive totalitarian government which unfit to host even a Tupperware party. Mostly I won’t be watching. I already avoid purchases of items that say “made in China”. I’m not even sure I […]