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I’m listening to the Yankees-Red Sox game as I ice my knee. They made a nice trade today getting outfielder Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte, a left-handed relief pitcher. This should help them a lot. They’ve been without a lefty reliever all season. They also got rid of LaTroy Hawkins and Kei Igawa. I’m surprised they gave up on Igawa. They spent a lot of money on him and even though he didn’t pitch well, they regarded him as a long-term project

Now that the Yankees are winning again and making some improvements to the roster I’m more optimistic. Suddenly they have a really good bullpen, clearing out the underachievers in Hawkins, Traber, and Ohlendorf. Edwar Ramirez, Jose Veras, David Robertson, and Dan Giese are pitching really way in their steads. Mussina, Pettitte, and Chamberlain are giving them strong starts, helping me forget about the disastrous starts by Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy.

I knew they would come around eventually but the constant injuries and inconsistency were starting to worry me.

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