Weekend sandbagger

The food co-op where I buy many of my groceries is right next to a creek that drains in to the Iowa River. I went down to help them sandbag this morning. I shoveled sand, twist-tied the bags, loaded the bags onto pallets, and stacked them along the building. A little self-interest goes a long […]


I didn’t have internet access yesterday and so I couldn’t update. But here it is. These spectacular catastrophes follow me around the country like faithful hounds. And as usual, I’m fine but worried that I’m using up all my luck. Yesterday had some of the worst weather I’ve ever seen, and I didn’t see the […]

More watery news

More rain fell on the state today, though not too much in at work. Cedar Rapids ordered an evacuation of everybody living within the 500-year flood zone. The forecast calls for an 80% chance of rain tomorrow, probably heavy. The Iowa River will probably keep rising for more than a week at least. Tomorrow might […]


There’s something wrong with my photo album plug-in, again. I think it has something to do with the host company upgrading the server software. Anyway, it’s going to slow down my posting of new photos. I will correct it as soon as I can.

Hapless Yankees

See, the Yankees just split a four-game series with the Royals, a team they should be killing. Most of the team is so inconsistent that when guys who are playing great have a bad game, like Mariano Rivera tonight, they lose. They just don’t pick each other up. I’d better go easy on the baseball […]

Go away

A stream of storms has been traversing a streak of the Midwest all day. We’re about to get stormed on here in Iowa City. In addition to the ubiquitous threat of tornadoes, there are already serious flooding problems all over the state. There’s talk of “1993”– the last major catastrophic flood across the Midwest. I […]

Huge yellow cat

There’s a farmers market across from the food co-op on Wednesday’s so I rode my bike down there today. On the way, I saw a hand-written sign on a lamp post: “Missing! Huge yellow cat.” I imagined being ambushed by a mountain lion named Mr. Fluffers. Iowans like to garden. There are lots of flowers […]