Bumper stickers

Riding my bicycle back from the gym this evening I passed a parked car with a collection of ethnic pride bumper stickers. One was the cross of St. Andrew with the tag, “Got kilt?” I thought that was very funny. Less funny was “Thank God I’m Ukrainian.” It’s not very clever and is a little […]

A righteous win

Tonight was a rare win for the Yankees in that it was a close game where they got a key hit and managed to back up their pitchers’ efforts. Joe Girardi went Italian on Italian with the home plate umpire and was ejected after throwing his hat and kicking dirt, Billy Martin-style. Even though the […]

Pedal, Fatboy, pedal!

This was “Bicycle Your Fat Ass to Work Week” so got up early this morning and did it. Turned out to be a great day for riding to work. I still get a kick out of the “Speed Limit: 50” sign which mocks me from the top of the hill I’m crawling up. In fact, […]

May Day

I figure I ought to write something here. The Yankees have been overwhelmingly mediocre. Is that possible? Maybe they’re just bad. So far I’m not impressed with Joe Girardi’s handling of his personnel. They’ve made some bad roster moves. Stephen Colbert is hilarious. He showed some clips tonight of right-wing talking heads decrying Barack Obama […]