Vestigal winter

I’m surprised at how fast a couple of weeks worth of mild weather can beat back this year’s little Ice Age. The receding snow cover is leaving behind an ugly rump of winter: brown grass, piles of dirty snow on the curb, sand in the gutter, a crust of salt on everything, and the threat […]


Getting ready to pay a bill, something gave me pause. On the return envelope the company neglected to print the idiot box (“Place Stamp Here”) or the lines for the return address. Could it be? Could it be that finally, someone is making an effort to not idiot-proof everything? I wonder if anyone has ever […]


Elliot Spitzer, you have taken Jim McGreevey’s gay-blackmail cake. I can’t let another day go by without riffing on this debacle. Newsday was kind enough to post screen shots from the “Emperor’s Club” website, along with a full page photo of a $10,000 hooker on the front page. Has Newsday gotten trashier since I left […]


It seems that I’ve spammed myself. Some work I was doing on the site this weekend caused a lot of 404 errors and since the 404 page I use is set up to send me a message whenever there’s an error… well, I’m still downloading my 3,597 new messages. So I’ve disabled that 404 page.