More snow

For all the nice weather and melting this weekend, it’s now snowing hard. It went from rain to sleet to snow in ten minutes as I drove home.

A deal

1. “Break open the bubbly, Miss Zweig!” the mayor exclaims to his secretary. 2. He sweeps her off her feet. “We got $500,000 dollars for the property on industrial way, one million for road repair… and donations toward my re-election!” 3. “And all I had to do was sell this town to an alien scientist,” […]

A proposal

1. “So you want to build a state-of-the-art research lab in Terminal Moraine?” the mayor asks the alien. “Correct, Earthling Mayor!” 2. “And there are dollars in this project for my cooperation?” “Indeed! But first…” 3. “…I must evaluate your town’s infrastructure.” “I hear that flushing sound again,” thinks the mayor.

Meet the mayor

1. The mayor mopes in his dingy office. “My political career is in the toilet,” he thinks. 2. “Might as well sit back and enjoy the downhill ride,” he thinks, reaching for a martini. BZZZ, the phone rings. 3. “Mr. Mayor,” his secretary calls, “an alien scientist is here to see you.” “Crap,” he thinks, […]

City Circle Shorts

We saw a bunch of short plays written by local wrights and performed by a local theater group, the City Circle. Seeing something original and creative is fun. Most of the shorts were humorous. The most clever and least humorous was “Four for Prayer”, about four versions of Heloise (of Abelard and Heloise) from different […]