Hey you guys!

Look what I found! The Electric Company!

I only vaguely remember this show from when I was very, very young, and I probably saw it in reruns. However, I believe it is the source of every memory I have of a warped cartoon or TV character–anything I’m pretty sure I didn’t see on Sesame Street. I think people did a lot of LSD in the 1970s. I can’t imagine meth addicts producing memorable children’s televsion programs.

Fuckin’ A!

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5 thoughts on “Hey you guys!”

  1. Yes… I LOVED those shows too. On Saturday I was looking up those skits form EC with the side silhouettes of 2 people putting words together.


    Remember the Bloodhound Gang?

  2. I remember the Electric Company only vaguely…. like the opening title. It was probably on reruns by the time I got to see it (1982-83 -ish). I watched some 3-2-1 Contact (and got the magazine) but really liked Square One, which was on TV in probably in the later 80s. I especially loved Math Net. The sames have been changed, but the problems are real!

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