Picking over the caucuses

I talked to a co-worker who supported Obama about the caucuses. I mentioned I wasn’t impressed with Obama. He likes him because he has charisma and he thinks he’s the best candidate who can bring about the changes he wants. I’m hearing the same things from the talking heads tonight.

I will say I was very impressed with the turnout for Obama. I’ve heard the caucuses are mostly old folks but a lot of young folks came to the caucus last night and many of them stood for Obama. He also attracted a lot of independent voters and erstwhile Republicans. As my brother pointed out, so few people in this country vote that if a candidate can figure out a way to get the non-voters to the polls he’s pretty much guaranteed a win.

I’m glad he’s able to get people out and vote. My main complaint about him is that he’s a Senator in a Congress that has accomplished very little, at least as far as important and controversial issues are concerned. And from what I see he’s not been able to do much to change that. And if that becomes more evident as people get to know him better over the next 10 months, might they not stay home anyway? Then who will bring about out the change we all want? Another Republican president?

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