Bring out your dead

I have an idea. Let’s turn death into a resource for energy independence. We can hook up crematories to the power grid so that our precious corpses don’t just go up in smoke without contributing to the economy. For those who prefer burial we can harness the awesome energy of cadavers released during decomposition, or […]

Cold snap

It is cold and it’s going to get colder this weekend. After a sort of warmish day yesterday (high of 37 degrees F) it is 8 degrees now and after a low of 8 below tonight it will reach a balmy 0 tomorrow.

Body shop

I finally dragged my butt out of bed a few minutes early and stopped by a body shop to make an appointment. In a couple of weeks my ice-storm mishap will be erased. Behind the counter of the shop’s reception desk was a white board with a list of jobs. The list included one “’08 […]

Picking over the caucuses

I talked to a co-worker who supported Obama about the caucuses. I mentioned I wasn’t impressed with Obama. He likes him because he has charisma and he thinks he’s the best candidate who can bring about the changes he wants. I’m hearing the same things from the talking heads tonight. I will say I was […]