Joe Biden

Joe Biden spoke at a private home (actually a penthouse apartment downtown owned by two gay guys). It was open to the public, so I went. My brother likes him and I’ve been curious. I shook his hand and listened to him speak for about an hour.

And I think I see why he’s not going to win.

He gives a good, passionate stump speech that’s light on specifics. He sounds like a fighter. He bills himself as a pragmatist with some core Democratic values. He’s willing to, as he puts it, not cede an inch to the Republics of the moral high ground they’ve staked out for themselves on values. He took some indirect swipes at his Democratic rivals. For example, he said that Democrats have become too wonk-ish, coming up with fourteen part plans to solve Americans’ problems rather than connecting with their hearts.

That being said, I left about ten minutes into his three-point answer to a question about Pakistan. He knows his foreign policy, but a general outline will do it for most people. He also did a lot of “I went to Kurdistan to meet with so-and-so” and “Musharraf called me the other day” and “I briefed Whathisface on this issue.” One of the ladies riding down with me on the elevator said, “What an ego!”

Never go to these things hungry.

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