Three movie reviews

We went to see “Dan in Real Life” last night. It was very funny but I can’t remember a single line. It was mostly facial expressions and body language. I really like Steve Carrell. He’s an excellent actor as well as a funny one. Juliette Binoche was excellent too, and quite hot I might add. In fact there were a lot of good performances there even if the movie was a little formulaic.

Recently I’ve rented “Click” and “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”. Click was much better than I thought, a funny critique of the rat race. It was smart but had enough goofy Adam Sandler stunts to not be too heavy.

“Hedwig and the Angry Inch” was a recommendation from Netflix based on my interests and preferences. So I ordered to see if Netflix’s software could be in the ballpark. It’s a musical, and it was good (the music was good and the story). Different, and I like different. I couldn’t stop laughing at the scenes in the restaurants when the band was performing in front of all of these annoyed and disgusted Midwestern patrons.

All three are worth seeing.

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