More on pumpkins

Bill Keane of “The Family Circus” (which I almost never laugh at) has the same take on pumpkins as I do. Check out the Oct. 31, 2007 cartoon.

In other pumpkin news, the Des Moines Register reported that the unpopular pumpkin tax will be rescinded. The state started levying sales taxes on pumpkins this year because they’re usually used as jack-o’lanterns and not food. To their credit, they did distinguish between pumpkins-for-cooking and pumpkins-for-carving.

And then, I used my mashed pumpkin to make a pumpkin ice cream pie with graham cracker crust for tomorrow’s work lunch. I also finished roasting my pumpkin seeds. I put too much canola oil and salt on them, but they’re still better than movie theater popcorn.

Finally, here are two of Susan’s jack-o’lanterns. Her six-year old carved the mouth on the second one freehand.

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  1. Glad to see that you got to use your pumpkin. How was the pie? Aren’t pumpkin seeds good? Gives you a real sense of satisfaction at being able to make your own (healthy) snacks.

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