Male genital mutilation

My friend wrote to me that his son will be circumcised soon. It reminded me of how opposed I’ve become to the practice. I did some research a few years back and decided that circumcision is butchery. It’s not medically necessary and the infant doesn’t have a say in the matter of mutilating his genitals. […]

Avenue Q

Last year my Uncle gave me a copy of the soundtrack to Avenue Q, a Broadway musical. He hasn’t seen it yet, and neither have I despite trying to get tickets during my last two trips to New York. The soundtrack is hilarious (and catchy) but I had to see the show. As it happened, […]

The Darjeeling Limited

Going to the movies two nights in a row? Susan’s kids are gone for the weekend so that’s what we did. And avoided anything animated, even though “Bee Movie” looks good. We saw Wes Anderson’s “The Darjeeling Limited”, which was one of his better films. It’s a “life as a journey” type of film with […]