Sticker shock

I may be approaching middle age because I just went to fax something last minute at a copy store and it was two bucks a page. I thought, “Two bucks a page! Outrageous!” I’ll know I’ve reached middle age when I give the young lady behind the counter a piece of my deteriorating mind.

Bring back Tommy

The jury’s been out for a while, but I like last year’s Tommy Lasorda ads for the baseball playoffs better than this year’s Dane Cook ads. He’s got a funny stand-up act but he doesn’t get me excited about baseball. The only thing better about the new spots is that they show some baseball action.

Early birds

A flock of grackles appeared this morning in the fruit tree that reaches up to my third floor window. They were after the little red and yellow berries, I thought. One bird was tugging at a stringy thing just below my window. It was part of an abandoned bird nest. I never noticed it. Next […]

Like sacking Rome

I’m shook up. It looks like the Yankees are going to replace Joe Torre. They’re going to find someone better? I don’t know what kind of manager Don Mattingly would be, and I don’t think Tony La Russa or Bobby Valentine would be a good fit with The Boss. Joe Girardi, who was also mentioned […]

Notes on a game

God help me but no matter how hard I try and no matter how good they are I just cannot root for the Red Sox. Manny Ramirez is one reason. The guy is 35 years old but has shoulder-length dreadlocks and a durag and his pockets turned inside-out and runs around celebrating a solo home […]

The young and the old

I’m at that age where I start to notice the youngness of other adults. For example, this summer I heard about rookie baseball player whose idol growing up was Derek Jeter. I thought, “Derek Jeter? He’s my age!” Ugh. But anyway, nothing made me feel so young like the seminar I attended on Friday on […]

Pit stop at the library

I’m so clever. I biked downtown for a haircut and while I was there I remembered that the library was holding a book for me. Since I didn’t put my baskets or bag on my bike, how would I carry the book? Why, I took off my belt and strapped the book to the rack […]