Phil Rizzuto

In my family, the death of a great (and especially an Italian) Yankee rates a call home. Phil Rizzuto, the “Scooter”, died this week. If you don’t know who Phil Rizzuto was, you probably didn’t grow up in New York or as a Yankees fan. He was the great shortstop for the Yankees in the […]


Last night we ate at a fondue restaurant. I’d never done this before but it was fun and educational. You cook some of the food yourself in oil or broth (I ordered a plate of vegetables, for example). There’s also cheese and chocolate for the respective appetizers and desserts. Back in Iowa. Modern air travel […]

Bill Richardson

One of my goals this year is to see at least one presidential candidate. Yesterday evening Bill Richardson spoke at the University. He’s been all over Iowa the last few weeks. I always had a high opinion of him because of his various experience and accomplishments. A couple of hundred people attended. My first impression […]

New apartment

I moved into my new place on Sunday and Monday. It’s on the third floor and is was hot those days. Man, I was tired. I keep telling people it’s slightly larger than old apartment, but now that I’m living there it is quite a bit larger. I was really crowded in that little place. […]