Another tornado warning

Susan and I were having dinner at a restaurant when the tornado sirens went off again. In the process I noticed that there’s a siren right by the apartment I’ll be moving into later this month. I’ll have to make a note of those next time. Word on the street is that the siren-sounders are […]

Seek shelter

Yesterday we had another tornado warning, though I don’t believe a tornado actually materialized. The sirens went off (a bizarre undulating sound that makes me think of UFOs) and the TV advised us to seek shelter. I was at Susan’s so we went down into the basement for a short while. They’re old hands at […]

Parallel parking

Our landlady is having the parking lot behind the building fixed (the retaining wall is falling apart), so we have to park out on the street, where there is alternate-side parking. I am very, very rusty at parallel parking.


So after work I joined Susan and her kids at her friend’s mother’s for a barbecue and to watch the fireworks. This house is right on the river across from the park where the fireworks were. Great vantage point. The fireworks were pretty good, except that they kept getting interrupted by technical difficulties. They’d stop […]

Lone Tree

I biked down to Lone Tree, stopping in Hills, for a total of about 35 miles round trip. This is easily the farthest I’ve biked so far. The roads are pretty quiet in southern Johnson County, though the stretch on State Highway 22 going toward Lone Tree was a little uncomfortable. A truck carrying cord […]