Jazz festival this weekend

This weekend is the Iowa City Jazz Festival. We went to check out last night’s band, a Latin-style group. They were okay. I’m sure the jazz aficionados were all up in front snapping their fingers and such. I like the idea of jazz festivals, I just don’t get into jazz too much, but I keep […]

Bizarre weather

It’s been raining on and off for the last few days and there’s been a couple of good thunderstorms. I still say the Gulf Coast takes the cake when it comes to loud thunder. It used to sound like thunder was right at ground level. However, I saw the most bizarre sky ever early Thursday […]

On tsars (or czars)

Every now and then The Economist publishes a saucy editorial about the English language. This week, they take on the term “tsar”, as drug tsar or war tsar. They feel it’s a bit overused. I agree, but now I can’t fancy myself the “web tsar” of TerminalMoraine.com. So from now on, at the suggestion of […]

Ride to Hills

It’s going to be hot today, so I got on my bike this morning for a two-hour, 17-mile ride to the little town of Hills. Despite its name, Hills is about as flat as this part of Iowa gets. There’s not much to Hills itself, it’s small and cute, but road there has a wide […]

Hometown days

West Branch had its “Hometown Days” fair yesterday, complete with carneys and their rickety rides and funnel cake. The morning started off with a parade of firetrucks, antique tractors, and local boosters. No true floats, but a couple of trailers. No music or band, either, that I saw. During the day, teams played Hooverball games […]