Great weather this weekend

We’ve had three great days after four days of rain. I took my bike out, got a little lost and little sunburned. The trails north of the interstate are not well-marked and my map is out of date, but I’m grate that there are trails at all. My new bike is working out really well. […]

Wind turbines on the road

On the way home from work I passed some trucks carrying the blades of a giant wind turbine. Easily the longest things I’ve ever seen on the road. They were huge. Iowa is pretty windy and is one of the leading wind power producers. I wondered if a wind farm is going up nearby.

Jimmy Carter

I went to see Jimmy Carter speak at the University last night. He was very far away, just a speck of an ex-president. He spoke about his book, “Palestine: peace not apartheid”. He spent much of his speech defending his record as a supporter of Israel, which disappointed me, but it obviously bothers him. But […]

Comment spam

An unfortunate side effect of having my own blog is comment spam. It’s similar to e-mail spam but it comes in through the comment form on posts and is loaded with links that presumably help the spammer get ahead on search engines like Google. I can moderate the comments so that the spam is never […]

New bike, sore butt

I bought a new bike a couple of weeks ago. I don’t remember if I wrote that. I’ll post a picture later. Since the weather was fair yesterday I took it out for a three-hour ride around town. It’s a nice bike, and I’ve invested in a few accessories that will help me get better […]

Early Yankees report

I haven’t seen a game yet, but the Yankees are off to a mediocre start. The starting pitchers have been suspect and they’ve had a couple of injuries early on. Joe Torre went with 12 pitchers on his opening day roster. The starting lineup is strong enough that they don’t need a lot of reserve […]

Indian winter

The winter weather persists. Though it hasn’t been that cold the last two days, we may get snow tonight or tomorrow morning. Two things I’ve noticed about Iowa weather: First, whearas the Gulf Coast weather was very predictable, forecasts here are reliably off-the-mark. Second, Iowa City seems to be in some sort of foul weather […]

Turn your head and cough

I had the day off today and I caught up on some much needed errands. I spent much of the morning at the doctor’s office for a work-related physical. My boss said I could schedule it during work time, and I would have if I’d known it would take so long. As the doctor pointed […]

Black Hawk Down

I’ve been meaning to read “Black Hawk Down” by Mark Bowden for some time. It’s about the military action in Mogadishu in 1993 that resulted in two US helicopters getting shot down and 18 soldiers getting killed in the ensuing entrapment. My friend was there and he told me the book was pretty good and […]


I’m checking the weather now. High of 31 degrees and 18 mile per hour winds? Damn! I want to ride my bike without freezing my face and hands off. On top of this miserable weather I may be allergic to something around here. I’ve got the sniffles and sneezes with the watery eyes. There can’t […]

It’s cold again

The weather turned to crap again this week. The lows have been below 20 degrees and the highs in the 30s. The wind is ferocious. I was warned about this. Before I moved here someone said to me, “Iowa? Worst weather in the world.” I don’t agree with that, but when I went to take […]