My first threat

My blog is in general a quiet one, read frequently by my friends and relatives who use it to keep in touch. But today I received a comment here from someone actually threatening to tell my coworkers why I called in sick this week. I posted why–or at least the part I cared to share with the World Wide Web–on Tuesday, March 20, 2007.

So if you are not here to share in the fun, please don’t bother commenting.

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2 thoughts on “My first threat”

  1. Sorry that you took that as a threat, was not my intention. For one I don’t even know you or your co-workers!! Second your the one that posts this to the public, if you don’t want the public reading your personal life don’t post it!!

  2. Thank you. I am aware of the inherent risks of blogging. The post in question was a bit careless on my part, but I stand by it. Like much of what I write here it did not constitute the whole story. The people who need to know the whole story already know it.

    I am not worried so much about strangers (or coworkers) reading what I write about my personal life as I am about readers crossing the line between participating in this website and interfering in my life. I will be more cautious about writing on some matters from now on.

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