Letter to the Iowa City Press-Citizen

Well I’ve done it again. My second letter to the editor in just over a week. This one was to the Iowa City Press-Citizen, regarding an opinion column about a family he saw on a reality televison show with a very odd lifestyle:

J.D. Mendenhall complained on Mar. 1 of parents recently featured on a reality television show “being guilty of, at the very least, child abuse or child endangerment.” though Mr. Mendenhall fails to mention any actual harm done to the children. How has this family has held together so long without advice from a man who writes about reality television shows? One might wonder about the irritating habits he inflicts upon his own family and house guests. However, I am not dying to know.

The family in question is from Iowa, and he fears that they contribute to a stereotype of Iowans as “backwoods, inbred and hickish”, which is actually what I think of when I see busybodies like him trying to foist fictional small-town, middle-American values on other people.

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