February dreck

I’ve been in a bad winter funk lately. I’ve just been indoors way too much. The weather sucks. My job has been way too sedentary and slow-moving for my tastes. I’m gaining weight again after losing a bunch of after the holiday. My bicycle is outside rusting because I don’t have room for it in […]

Girl Scout cookies

I bought a box of girl scout cookies and they were delivered on Sunday. I haven’t had Girl Scout cookies in years. I bought Samoas, which are my favorite, except that they aren’t called Samoas anymore, they are called Caramel Delites. Which is just depressing. Please tell me Samoans didn’t complain that the name was […]

Urban crows

Thousands of crows roost on the trees along the stream near the food co-op where I buy groceries. It’s a regular murder. Some evenings when I stop there on my way home, the crows are returning from wherever they go during the day. They are very noisy. Tonight I heard a couple as I walked […]

Hard times

I finally returned “Hard Times”, by Studs Terkel, to the library. The more I learn about Herbert Hoover at work, the more I’ve taken an interest in the Great Depression. Hard Times is an oral history of the depression, mostly from people in the Chicago area. After reading it for a while, you get the […]

Letter to the Des Moines Register

I’ve come out of letter-writing retirement with an acerbic missive to the Des Moines Register. I was responding to a couple of letters-to-the-editor criticizing organic farming. I did not read the original article. My letter is as follows: Two letters to the editor on February 21 complain about favorable coverage of organic farming, citing, among […]

Amish wake

The husband of one of Susan’s former students died on Friday. Susan used to teach at a rural public school in an Amish community, and she’s kept ties to that community. So yesterday I accompanied Susan to the wake. Yes, that’s right. Adam, boy of suburban Long Island, attended an Amish wake. It’s been really […]

Occurrence at Burlington and Governor

On my way to the grocery store tonight I was stopped at a red light. I saw someone run up behind my car. She tried to open my passenger door. I looked at her and shook my head and said, “No you don’t!” Then she realized I was not whoever she thought I was (the […]